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Tips & recipes for the season’s best baking.

The busiest baking season of the year is upon us...

...and we're here to make sure everybody's got something delicious to bring to the table. We'll be featuring a new guest baker every week to celebrate the classics, and serve up some new must-try favorites.

Baking with us this week

Sarah Fennel

Broma Bakery

December 26 - January 1

Sarah Fennel is a professional photographer, food writer and baker. Her love of food is showcased on her blog, Broma Bakery, and has led to opportunities to work with people and businesses who share her passion for eating and living well. She has been profiled by Buzzfeed, Yahoo, and, and her photography has been featured in magazines, restaurants, and cookbooks. When she’s not dreaming up recipes, she enjoys practicing yoga and going out to eat with her boyfriend, Alex. She lives in Detroit.

Chocolate Crêpe Cake

Layer upon layer of tender chocolate crêpes filled with hazelnut pastry cream creates this unique celebration cake.

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Pretzel Bites

These bite-sized pretzels, in either a sweet or classic salty version, are a wonderful made-at-home take on city-style treats.

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Everything-Cheddar Pastry Twist

Known in France as a 'tarte soleil' (sun tart), this flaky pastry is worthy of any special occasion or gathering.

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Sarah's Tips & Pointers

Champagne Table!

Jazz up your holiday party with a quick and easy champagne table. Fill it with small bowls of berries, citrus, and herbs, allowing your guests to customize the flavor of their bubbly.

The Perfect Cheese Plate

To make a stand-out cheese plate, I use the 3:3:3 rule. Choose 3 cheeses, 3 crackers/starches, and 3 accompaniments (like grapes or fig jam!) to make your cheese plate seem bountiful and diverse.

Leftovers for Your Guests

Don't want to be stuck with leftovers? Stock up on to-go containers in advance. At the end of the night, leave them by the food table so guests can pick and choose what they'd like to take home.

Our Guest Bakers

Home(made) for the Holidays

The Classics

Expert-tested, tried and true. These are the recipes you sit down at the table for.

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Holiday Breakfast

Family and house guests asking what's for breakfast? We've got you covered.

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Last Minute Miracles

Fast and fabulous recipes to lower the stress and up the "wow."

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Show Stoppers

Worth every bit of effort, these jaw-dropping centerpieces are truly delicious works of art.

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Proof that you don’t have to compromise on flavor to serve up homemade goodies everyone can enjoy.

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Drop-ins welcome! Our crowd-pleasers are sure to satisfy and shine during this busy season of family and friends.

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