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The holidays are here, and it's time to start your ovens! Turn to our best-loved recipes to make this holiday season the most delicious one yet, with everything from decadent chocolate desserts to comforting savory sides, stunningly pretty yeast breads, and simple breakfasts to feed a crowd of family.


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This recipe is perfect for the abundance of Vermont apples waiting to be peeled, sugared and spiced, baked, and enjoyed with a slice of cheddar (my dad’s favorite) or vanilla ice cream and maple syrup (my husband’s favorite)!
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Harvest Favorites
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Apple Pie

The ultimate apple pie! A warm filling of tart-sweet apples spiced with cinnamon is tucked inside a flaky, buttery crust.

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Apple Cider Caramels

A match made in dessert heaven! Apple pie meets caramel in these soft, chewy candies.

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Pumpkin Espresso Bundt Cake

Dark and moist, this cake elevates the classic fall flavor of pumpkin with a hint of coffee for a delicious, unique twist.

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Tip: How many apples?
If your recipe calls for 8 cups sliced apples, how many whole apples is that? Rough estimate: 1 medium-large apple, cored and peeled, equals 1 generous cup sliced apple.
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